Monday, 15 March 2010

Can't be afraid of the dark

Here are most of the (decent) pics from a recent 'photo shoot' that took place in my hall way and then took alot of photoshop-ing to get looking half decent, (not the best at using it so some are abit bodged lol. It goes without saying that i was inspired by Cheryl Coles fight for this love video, I got the jacket at the beginning of the year and have been in love with it ever since, its a Jack Wills one so wasn't cheap at all so im trying to wear it as much as possible. enjoy :) x


Holly decided to make an apperance on set and see what all the fuss wasabout - awwwwh!

I do love this jacket :) <3

A close up on the body and buttons, cuff etc.

Appologies for random order of the pics, I can't work out an easy way to move then about without dragging then all the way down which will take AGES (if you know how please share!)
Tallian Military Jacket - Jack wills
Shoes - Primark
Leggings - H&M
Navy(oops, should of changed it but forgot lol) Bra - Jack wills
Lace body - Tesco
Hat - ebay


Thanks for looking
Kellie xx

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