Sunday, 21 February 2010


I've joined lookbook :) Check it out!
Kellie xx

Friday, 12 February 2010

A-hoy There

I am really proud of the way this one has come out, not because of the composition or the photography but the fact I made this outfit all by myself :)

I have this obsession with nautical clothing, (so does my Nanny lol must run in the family) I am so happy at the fact its really big in all the shops at the moment :)

Dress/Skirt - Made by me
Belt - New Look
Shoes(my favs) - Primark

Kellie x

Protect me from the sun

A little while ago now I went on a photo shoot and have been meaning to put some of the pics up, so since then my laptop died and I lost all my data so finally I can add a few of them up here :)

I really love this outfit, and the way its been photographed. It has a oriental/vintage feel to it and the colours work really well, I also have this collection of images in a more sepia colour.


Just a couple more from this shoot which I liked.

Skirt - from the clothes show- purchased via ebay :)
Belt - Vintage, given to me by my Nanny
Tights and Top - both from New Look
Shoes - Primark - bargain :)


Kellie x